Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I know what I like....

I have decided that after this blog I am not going to use the words shabby and chic or cottage and eclectic together again or in the same sentance, in fact I am going to try to refrain from even using either of those particular terminologies to describe my 'style'. I do now think, (and with all due respect to everyone elses delicious images and blogs and my, there are oh so many of them!), that I do not want to be categorised within a very cleverly and now overly mass produced 'style'.
I know I know, the images of summery cottages and ladies smelling of home made picalillies and chutneys and homes seeping with baked goodies and distressed paintwork and chintzey frayed fabrics and an abundance of home grown full bloomed roses in cracked teapots epitomises so well what we seem to crave and what I do admire, but really, it's verging on the mass hysteria now and not a little ridiculous. I have to admit to having come to this conclusion when I came across some very extreme examples of what a certain group of 'home-makers' and crafters interpreted this style to mean. Gracious me, but everyone is entitled to their own tastes and opinions of course, it's just that now I begin to wonder if it hasn't all become a little dare I use the word commercialised and thereby tacky?
Having said all that I readily admit to having been drawn into the sugary sweet pretty pretty pinkness of it all and I do love the look, when it's done well. I don't think it's quite me though, I like a bit of va va voom and quirkiness. I doubt I'm that much different from the other mere mortals who have taken to blogging on here either, it's just that right now I have decided to make a stand.
So I'll end this particular blog now with, 'I dont have a style, but I do know what I like'. ~peace~

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