Monday, 8 February 2010

Patchwork, nothing but patchwork...

I've been working on this patchwork throw for at least three weeks now and it's now nearing completion, at least the patchwork part. I used a mirror tile for the large square template and a floppy disk for the smaller one. I reckon 5 small ones sewn together equals two larger ones... oh look never mind, you do what you want to do, the idea is to have fun with it. I could have made up some newish design or used an old favourite I suppose, but I honestly wasn't looking for 'uniform' or any real design so I just cut out randomly and sewed the resulting squares together. Having sewn the smaller patches in a more detailed manner around the seating area I began to experiment with larger plain squares and sewing smaller one directly over the top of them again randomly. I wasn't too bothered which sides I sewed together, in fact I favour the selvage actually showing on the 'A' side with some fraying, it all adds to the textural design, well, I think so anyway. Like everything else though, this is all part of the creative process. If I didn't like it i would have neatened it up by keeping all the sewn edges on the 'B' side. In some instances I actually used two pieces of material that didn't quite match and sewed them together using over lock stitch. The resulting design is really quite 'thrown together' and I like it!
Here's the result of a group of random squares patched together, I think it really works well and the final design looks very pretty. It certainly looks better than the original cover on the chair. It just shows what you are able to achieve with scraps of material and for the cost of the thread used and a little perseverance and little to no design you have a delicious piece of artwork apart from anything else. For all that, this still isn't finished but I couldn't wait to 'throw. it where it belongs, over that awful gold coloured armchair.


  1. For some reason I couldn't see a 'comment' box for the Soup blog, but I have to say that the soups you make are the scrummiest I've tasted! As for teh chair, it continues to become embellished and is looking superb at the moment!

    Oh yes, and i thought you had to have a blog to comment?.. i was wrong (again :), it seems that Firefox had to be coaxed into showing it to me!

  2. yes but baby, you are biased LOL You, wrong?? *faints* :P