Thursday, 29 April 2010

Golly gumdrops!

Gosh and crikey and jiminey and holey moley and any other famous five-isms that I can think of, has it really been three weeks since my last blog?
So much has happened in the way of cottage eclecting and shabbying the house I simply don't know where to start! The dresser is still siting in the living room unpainted because I cannot decide exactly what colour to paint it and I haven't really put anything on or in it either so no one is seeing it at it's real potential, but I am hoping to remedy that this weekend. We invested in an electric sander because I really couldn't envisage me sanding down the whole thing with just elbow grease and to be honest that's mainly because I still suffer from iffy wrists following an incident a few years ago when I sprained/broke both of them. That will not put me off, I shall simply take a little longer than a weekend to complete tasks like sanding down complete items of furniture! Ahem1 It's been three weeks so far I think. Oooops!

I have been trawling charity shops the past few weekends looking for a so far elusive teapot to pop spring flowers into. I bought pale pink fabric tulips and they were just crying out for a suitably shabby container, unfortunately when I explain I am looking for a teapot without a lid and what I want it for, the darling volunteer ladies look at me as if I am slightly nuts! Be that as it may, the pretty pretty tulips are currently sitting in a modern white tea pot and still look delicious and almost edible!

Did I mention that I am currently hand weaving a rug on a hand loom that my SO made for me? I was looking for inspiration from countless house magazines and soon realised that there was no way I'd ever be able to afford anything gracing their pages, so decided to give it a go myself. I don't think Axminster need concern themselves with further competition just yet though. The loom is set up in my bedroom and anytime I pop in there I weave another row. It's very therapeutic but man is it hard work! I know that when it is complete that I'm going to pretend I was always going to go for the rustic look, even so, I think I'll try a few specialised sewing techniques on it too seeings as I seem to have bitten the sewing bug once more!

Which brings me to the main reason I am blogging. I have almost completed a brand new project. I decided that I was fed up with always having to adjust the pale tourqouise throw om my 2 and a half seater sofa every time I wanted to shuffle around on it so I was lucky enough to find that Dunhelm still had the material I first used as a throw and not only that, it was on a sale, so I managed to buy 3 more metres for under ten pounds!! Added to that the 6 metres I already had, I took a deep breath and one afternoon proceeded to make up a pattern with an old sheet I had. Armed with pins and a thick felt tipped pen, I pulled and tucked and pinned until I had the right 'tailored' shape, cut out the pattern with the necessary seam allowance and re-pinned the fabric back over the sofa making a few adjustments for darts and gathers and curves. I've sewn most of it together now, I just have to finish off a few small peices but I am so proud of my first attempt I'm crowing like a rooster!

almost there!


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